‚ÄčEvery leaf, letter and completed design comes from exhaustive research spent in cemeteries, old and beautiful. These are combined into a unique stone that reflects you and you alone in beauty and sentiment.

The slate memorial is a well established fixture in the cemeteries of eastern North America and for good reason. Though other types of stone have been used for memorials, they have come and gone and the slates of our forefathers have endured like no other material. Far more durable than marble and capable of detail not possible in granite, slate is still the very best for memorial art. Each letter is cut by hand with a chisel and a hammer making it a hand wrought piece of art. Every part is original, designed and fashioned by Matthew Barnes, a Maine artist who has been honing his skill for decades.

A hand made slate stone will outlast everything else in durability, detail and readability. Properly set, our stones should stand for all to read and appreciate for the next three to four hundred years. What else could you purchase with that sort of integrity?