Pricing Information

A piece of artwork in stone, made for you and you alone.

Pricing for memorials is a highly individual process. There are many ways to find a way to we can create what you wish for while staying within your budget. We will happily work with you to find what is desired and how that can be affordably achieved. Finished memorials can run from three or four thousand dollars to ten or twelve. The cost is in the level of detail and design as well as the overall size of the stone. We have made small pieces measuring only two or so feet high as well as much larger pieces topping seven feet tall. What we do is up to you and we work closely with clients to design the best fit possible, all without loosing the uniqueness of a one of a kind piece of artwork. There are no off the shelf designs here. Everything is made to order with a pencil and paper before it is lovingly cut into slate with hand and chisel, just as it was done in the time of the Colonies.