The Beauty of Slate


Slate markers are unlike anything else you will find.

The level of detail that can be carved into slate easily outdistances any other material used in memorial art. Look into the the letters on a slate stone caved by a master craftsman well over three hundred years ago and you will see every single chisel mark, just as they were made the day they were created. Beautiful curves and the tiniest details reveal themselves in slate in a way that can’t be duplicated in¬†granite or won’t survive in porous and fragile marble.

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Slate, beautifully and lovingly inscribed will hardly weather at all, repelling attacks by acidic rains, lichen and the heaving of frozen ground as the seasons pass. The traditional creation of slate memorials is not only wonderful honoring of our heritage but also of a craft that has nearly disappeared in America. We all live unique lives. Why not have a truly unique memorial, designed with your wishes by an artist and craftsman who makes this vision into a piece of art that will stand for so many generations.